Ahead of the Curve Gifts | About Us

In July 2017, Ahead of the Curve was formed by Jennifer Head (mom), Ashley Dennis (daughter), and Angie Head (daughter). We took our love of crafting on the road. Our very first show was at a local farmer’s market. We sold handmade signs and glassware with vinyl designs. We were quickly approached by other venues inviting us to their events. We had stylish décor and we were known for being reasonably priced.

After a year of different events, we realized that if we were going to do this on a regular basis, we needed to come up with something more than just crafting. For us, crafting was a labor of love with minimal return.

Ashley always loved fashion and wanted to extend Ahead of The Curve into women’s clothing and accessories. We decided to attend the Atlanta Apparel Show in Atlanta, GA in June of 2018. We met some talented designers and wholesalers and some that wouldn’t give us the time of day because we didn’t have a brick and mortar. However, the moment we walked into the show we knew this is where we wanted to be. This is what we wanted to do. 

We were very conscientious and methodical in our orders that we placed over the course of the weekend. We needed enough clothing and accessories to take our new venture on the road and we did just that!

Our first show was an outdoor Customer Appreciation Event at the local Harley Davidson Dealership. We made triple what we were used to making at shows! We were thrilled. Our trip to Atlanta had paid off! 


We added several more shows that were “juried” events. After submitting applications and pictures of our setup we were contacted by the bigger events and invited to attend. Living the dream and don’t forget all the traveling and loading and unloading. Yep, Living the dream. We couldn’t have done this without our significant others. They quickly became known as our Roadies. They hauled grid walls, tents, racks etc. all around for us.

As 2018 came to an end, the three of us set up a meeting to go over our goals and wants for the upcoming year. Angie wanted a point of sale system and price tags with our logo. I wanted a new trailer to haul everything back and forth in. Ashley, the fashionista, had another idea. “I want a store front”, she stated boldly. At first we laughed, but we sat there and listened as she presented her idea. It didn't take long before we all started thinking, maybe, just maybe this is something we could do. 

I explained that timing was everything. It had to feel right. I told Ashley she needed to start looking at rental spaces. It took her less than 24 hours to find the first place she wanted to see. The building was beautiful, exposed brick, hardwood floors, high ceilings in a historic district. I knew the minute I walked in; we couldn’t afford this place. 

After breaking her heart by telling her it wasn't in our budget, we walked down the street in this cute little town. I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie. There was a for rent sign in a cute little shop with retail windows to die for! I called the number on the sign and a nice gentleman answered the phone and politely told me that it had already been rented. We were bummed; the place would have been perfect. Fast Forward two days later. I am sitting at my desk and I receive a phone call from an unknown number. It was the nice gentleman from the perfect place! He said the person that was interested had decided not to move forward and if we wanted to come look at the shop, he could meet us there that evening. 

All three of us and our spouses went to look at the building. Ashley's husband quickly visualized a remodel that could be done on a budget and a lot of hard work on his part. He was committed. After our visit, we met with our husbands and made sure they knew it was a situation that we had to be “all-in” and that included them. Everyone agreed it was perfect timing.

So, it began……Paint, flooring, racks, mirrors, décor, inventory, marketing, long nights, nervous stomachs.

We opened our doors, April 6th, 2019. We have had the love and support of family, friends and the community. We believe we have been blessed so we can bless others. Pay it forward!  We offer a personalized shopping experience and great customer service! We pride ourselves on providing trendy clothing for all ages, sizes, and budgets. We genuinely love our customers. 

If you long for that Hallmark town feeling, this is the place for you. Come visit us at Ahead of The Curve Gifts at 124 Harrison Avenue. Harrison, Ohio 45030.